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Slide out metal grill & tray 2 large front doors for easy access 4 plastic feeding stations 4 easy rolling casters Non-toxic, durable and safe powder coated finish



Hex Aviary Cage 32”

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with Protein Skimmer &  Stand The BT-21G BioTope is a 21-gallon glass aquarium that includes filtration and led lighting so once you bring this tank home, you're ready to start designing. Perfect for fresh and saltwater systems, the BT- 21G uses a back compartment filtration system with 475 gallons per hour of flow and a 12K led lighting fixture with independent switches for moonlight effects. The BT-21G also includes a Protein Skimmer and a Wooden Cabinet Stand so you have everything that you need to set-up our BioTope right out of the box! Regular $499.00 Special $399.00  Save $100.00
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BioTope Nano
Animal Availability Cotton-Top Tamarins Hand-Feeding Babies One of the smallest primates, averages just over one pound full grown. Easily identified by their beautiful white crest. Two beautiful babies: $4000 Free Personal Possession permit required for Florida residents. We can walk you through the application process. Rose breasted Cockatoo    SAVE  BIG!  Regular $2599.00  SALE $1999.99   Detailed Availability here

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Preventing Fish Loss

Now that you have become an aquatic pro and can keep your aquarium water in perfect balance, it’s time to tackle the second biggest problem aquarists face. Check out more helpful info in our Fishtalk Library

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We have a huge selection of tropicals, marine fish, coral, inverts & African cichlids. Plus anything else you could possibly need to setup and maintain your aquarium.  30+ years in the fish business! Expert advice.
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